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Meet Our Coopers

I have learnt a lot more from my 12 week internship than 12 months in college. Being in a fast paced work environment has taught me not just finance and mortgage industry’s ins and outs but also made me better at Excel and VBA. These are skills that I will take with me to any field I go into.

-Aniket Sangwan

Meet Our Coopers

Honestly, Internship challenged me in many ways. First challenge was to apply the knowledge gained in school in real world. It’s not so easy as it sounds but I believe that’s when anyone will learn. I got to learn many topics that school didn’t teach me. Second challenge was to mingle with the new team mates and I found it very easy to do that as all the people were very nice here.

-Arun Teja

Meet Our Coopers

This internship challenged me in a ton of ways but I think that the #1 challenge was my summer project. When I was first given this task my bosses were not really sure on what they were looking for or how to go about it, so I ended up redoing the entire thing multiple times. Though this was frustrating, it taught me that you cannot give up and to keep going until your project\work is perfect. I think that my work ethic and patience has grown the most out of this project and this internship as a whole.

-Kara Moore

Meet Our Coopers

This internship gave me a sense of what life will be like after graduation. I’ve been challenged because the work I’ve done here is nothing like the work I’ve done in school, but because of that, I feel like I can take on any challenge put in front of me. Before this internship, I didn’t have a true passion for what I was getting myself into, but my team and this company has helped me to fall in love with communications, writing, and being a part of a corporate environment. I feel prepared for the next step in my career, and I owe it all to this internship.

-Madison Parham

Meet Our Coopers

I believe constant mentorship from my manager and team members along with the coursework from MBA and Business Analytics program facilitated my transition into the structured finance role. Understanding the business was more challenging than understanding tools and processes. I appreciate support and guidance from my team in comprehending the overall business and industry trends. The internship experience has helped me to gain practical knowledge of the application of data analysis in finance, valuation practices, and in-depth understanding of financial statement, and reporting.

-Sathi Sikdar

Campus Team Overview

To fulfill our mission of keeping the dream of homeownership alive we are constantly on the lookout for future stars to be the next generation of Mr. Coopers. Our transparent, team-oriented environment offers students the chance to do real-world work where you can just be you. Whether you’re an intern looking to gain experience or a new grad preparing to launch your career, come ready, because we’re ready and excited to meet you.


A Day In The Life




If you are looking for a summer experience like no other, to make new friends, build a career network, and be a part of something truly memorable. You have found it!

When you intern with Mr. Cooper, you get more than just "real world work experience." You become part of the Cooper family! From day one you’ll be working side-by-side with your mentor and manager on project-based work where you will become a valued contributor! And we’re not talking about “busy work” here; this is about gaining valuable hands-on experience that is critical to our success. Of course, you’ll learn from them, but they are excited to see what they will learn from you!

Intern Perks! In additional to 12 weeks of paid career growth and fun, Mr. Cooper summer interns get time with our Executives, Training and Workshops, Social and Community service events, free food and did we mention FUN?




New Graduate Opportunities

Are you a self-starter? Do you have a proven work ethic? Are you a natural leader among your peers? If you answered yes to any of these, then take your first step to an exciting career with us.

We believe students are critical to nurturing top talent for Mr. Cooper’s future, and we are passionate providing you the tools to success.


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