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Meet Our Coopers

Mr. Cooper is a totally AMAZING place to work. Every day the place is booming with energy and fresh ideas. I love coming into work knowing that I can collaborate with co-workers to help the dream of home ownership alive. I truly feel like my ideas are heard and executed. Here at Mr. Cooper you can really make a difference, I work in our Enterprise Risk Management department and get the opportunity to work with the business to help them identify and mitigate risks for new projects and changes daily. Another really awesome aspect about Mr. Cooper is how management truly cares about your career path. Not only is my direct manager engaged with making sure I meet my career goals, but so is senior and executive management. Everyone is extremely supportive and caring here, we are more than co-workers we’re friends! Mr. Cooper is a super great place to work and I would recommend working here to anyone!!!

Meet Our Coopers

I am on a team that is working on a large project to redesign our career website! We are asking each business group to identify a few team members that can provide a testimonial and photo/headshot to be included on the new site. I spoke to Stacey and she thought you would be a great employee to highlight! We are looking for a brief testimonial about your role at MRC, I have included some questions below, but you are welcome to make it your own. If you could send your responses and a photo back to me, that would be awesome!

Corporate Team Overview

Our corporate roles form the backbone of Mr. Cooper. Comprised of business professionals focused on Keeping the Dream of Homeownership Alive, our corporate teams maintain our core infrastructure that enable our team members to put our customers first.





CooperDigital, the products group at Mr. Cooper, is transforming how our customers find the right home, explore and secure home financing, manage their mortgages, and make better-informed decisions about homebuying and refinancing. We are the digital and mobile core at Mr. Cooper, and our team creates connected experiences that consistently deliver value to our customers, as well as the business.

Our product approach, informed by design thinking and agile principles, ensures that we get to market quickly and deliver digital capabilities that our customers love. Our team of product managers, business analysts, designers and researchers, is highly collaborative and works across the business to deliver smart solutions to complex challenges. Always growing. Always evolving. CooperDigital is a great place to put your ideas and skills to work, and develop new ones along the way.

Yes, the pace is fast. But unlike a lot of places, here you can do great work and have plenty of time for whatever you care about most—family, hobbies, adventure. It’s your life. At CooperDigital, you’ll have time to live it.





As a financial technology company, Mr. Cooper is leading the way in developing new and innovative technologies — and this team is why. Taking their position at the forefront of Cyber Security, they protect our team members and our customers. So no matter what device you are on or where you find yourself you can rest-assured you’re supported by top notch technology. They are a true best-in-class team.

Our infrastructure team works hard and keep us all moving. And they always find a way have our backs. Even if it that means working remotely, huddling in a conference room, or collaborating through teleconferencing—from another office, or across the country. So at the end of the day, or beginning of one, our customers can access their loan from anywhere, on any device.





At Mr. Cooper, we take pride in the fact that all of our marketing is homemade. Our in-house team is made up of designers, writers, coders, strategists, ad agency veterans, and reformed mortgage industry pros. Together, they craft everything from national marketing strategies to button copy. If it has Mr. Cooper’s name on it, our award-winning marketing department was involved.



Accounting & Finance


The Accounting and Finance group is responsible for the money that flows in and out of the company. Our business functions include Financial Planning & Analysis, Accounting, Procurement and Vendor Management, AP/Treasury, Portfolio Investments, Investor Relations, and Modeling & Analytics. All of these groups work together and with our internal customers to manage the organization’s overall financials. We take pride in our team’s strong attention to detail, advanced problem-solving skills, and excellent customer service to internal constituencies. It is a fast-paced and dynamic work environment where colleagues are encouraged to be challengers, champions, and cheerleaders for ourselves, our work, and our fellow team members.



Our Legal team supports all business and control groups of Mr. Cooper Group, Inc., including its subsidiaries by providing legal advice to foster sound decision making in all areas of the Company. So basically, The Company as an institution is the client. The dynamic is built to provide, manage and coordinate quality legal services, including legal counsel and representation, litigation and legal risk management, contract drafting and review, and other services and legal counsel to all parts of the Company.



Compliance & Risk


Our Risk & Compliance department is comprised of seven groups. They are Risk & Compliance, Originations Risk & Compliance, Fair Lending & Fair Servicing, Risk & Compliance Administration, Risk & Compliance Testing, Exam & Issues Management, & Enterprise Risk Management. As a team they are responsible for ensuring that all laws, regulations, and guidelines are upheld to the state and federal standards. By partnering with various business and corporate departments at Mr. Cooper Group, and its subsidiaries to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and requirements implemented by Federal and State regulatory authorities as well as investors and agencies. 



People Organization


The People Organization’s main focus at Mr. Cooper Group is – you guessed it – the people. The People Org touches and impacts all areas of our business and for the past several years we’ve been on a journey to re-imagine not only our customer experience, but our team member experience too. We’re constantly improving how we train our team members, continuing to expand the benefits we provide, enhancing the way we grow our people and their careers and elevating the way we communicate both internally and externally to be more transparent and create a trusting environment. And that's just to name a few!

As members of the People Org, we are committed to cultivating a company culture that empowers our team members to be champions for our customers, cheerleaders for our team and challengers of convention in everything that they do.



Internal Audit


Our experienced internal auditors focus on delivering unparalleled internal audit guidance that creates value. This department develops long-term relationships with our internal clients and approaches each engagement with a focus on bringing value.

What they do is vital to achieving our annual goals and they accomplish this while meeting stringent regulatory requirements.

Some of the many services Internal Audit provides are: Operational audits (servicing, originations, informational technology, and risk & compliance). Financial operations and corporate audits, Continuous Auditing, Robotic Process Automation, SOX compliance Internal Audit Innovation Group.



Customer Relations


Our Customer Relations (CR) team is the official complaints management and resolution group. Oversight on all complaints and notices of error that are received within the company is no easy task. But this team of professionals remain committed to resolving complaints and going above and beyond to satisfy the customer’s needs. This is reflected in the number of overall complaints, which has consistently reduced month over month for the last 3 years.

Comprised of an Intake Team, Resolution Team, Quality Assurance, Root Cause Analysis, Social Media/Glass House, and Foreclosure Prevention/Assistance (HHF, NACA, HLP and Modification Denial Appeals). With oversight that spans USAA, verbal, originations, Xome, vendor and Reverse (Champion) complaints. They also provide trend reporting and feedback to Mr. Cooper’s Lines of Business in order to arm them with the means to reduce complaints and prevent issues from happening again.



Corporate Social Responsibility


The Corporate Social Responsibility department is a hybrid department that has both external and internal facing functions. The department is comprised of government relations, community outreach and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Through our government relations function, we work to educate congressional members and regulatory agencies about issues that impact the mortgage industry. Our community outreach involves providing assistance and guidance to homeowners that may be experiencing difficulties paying their mortgages. We work with nonprofit housing counseling agencies to ensure that our customers get the help that they need. And finally, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion serves as a resource and provides stewardship for all Mr. Cooper Group employees on our journey to becoming the most inclusive and diverse company that we can be.