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Meet Our Coopers

Hello potential Cooper! A little bit about me, I joined the company in 2015 as my first job out of college. My initial thought was to get my feet wet for a year and move. I quickly realized being a Cooper was more than just a 9-5 job. Being a part of the nation's largest non-bank mortgage servicer has given me experiences I've never imagined. Working with motivating leaders, learning new processes, and having pop up parties are a few of the sneak peaks the Cooper life has to offer! During my time in the family, I've had the opportunity to work on the front lines with homeowners, assist with selling homes, and currently engaging with our vendors to provide better services for our customers. Every day, we strive to keep the dream of homeownership alive. Will you help make that dream a reality?

Meet Our Coopers

Mr. Cooper does an excellent job with assisting their employees in growing and advancing their careers! My skills and talents are highlighted and not overseen. I’m able to express my opinions freely and implement my ideas and creativeness. I love being a Cooper!

Meet Our Coopers

It’s easy to say we are keeping the dream of homeownership alive when you are working with a dream team. I have never been at a company that completely allows me to be myself and supports me as much as Mr. Cooper. Cooper Pride has me connected with so many individuals in the company that all share a similar message with a different story of inclusion.

Meet Our Coopers

Being Cooper means being gold – it’s pervious, strong, and can be molded however it needs to be for our teams and customers.

Servicing Team Overview

Our dedicated Servicing department is at the core of helping our customer realize the dream of homeownership. Working directly with our customers to achieve their goals. Joining this team you will daily touch the lives of our customers. As a leader in the mortgage industry this team is setting the standard for service. This team battles every day against the mediocrity of the status quo. Our service teams drives empowerment and leads the charge ‘punching a hole in the status quo’.



Core Servicing

Core Servicing fully supports the Mr. Cooper core values and incorporates these values into every role. We pride ourselves on delivering extraordinary service in everything we do. We are the foundation for servicing as our processes covers all loan types in every status, and we try to push things to the extreme in every task we complete.

We do what we say, strive for excellence, and are focused on execution. We encourage colleague collaboration across departments to help build a stronger knowledge base. Leadership is committed to helping associates at every level with professional development and continuous learning.



Customer Service

Our customer service team members are on the front lines working with our customers to keep the dream of homeownership alive daily. The customer service department is a great way to get to know Mr. Cooper from the ground up. We provide extensive training and certification programs to help you build the career of your choice, and we offer competitive pay and an opportunity to earn a monthly bonus that is tied solely to your personal performance. Our team holds friendly contests and team building events regularly, so while we work hard, we have a little fun along with way.




Being a part of Mr. Cooper’s Default organization in Claims, Property Preservation, Foreclosure or Bankruptcy affords you the opportunity to interact with local and national vendor counterparts in support of mortgagors who find themselves unable to pay their mortgage loan for extended periods of time. Default team members can develop and enhance their professional communication skills when interacting with the bankruptcy courts, homeowner’s legal counsel and internal partners. Associates within the Default organization are encouraged to not only execute with excellence on the current processes and procedures with the department, they are also empowered to provide suggestions to leadership for optimizing and increasing productivity goals and identify gaps in processes and procedures. This allows for out of the box thinking and an opportunity to truly make a difference in the department from day one.



Investor Services

Our primary function is reporting to our investors, be they Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae or a population of over 2,000 private entities. We report on various loan attributes and transactional activities, default related events, and any changes that may occur on the loan. In addition to reporting, we have a team of people who perform reconciliations on the various investor bank accounts that we maintain. This work is highly analytical, and takes great attention to detail. We also have several support teams that are responsible for balancing loans that board our system, validating data, reading contracts, and assisting our upstream and downstream business partners. These roles require a degree in Finance/Accounting or a similar educational background, they must have a strong background in MS Excel, and be very adept at in depth research. We are looking for people that are good with numbers, good with research and good with people and communication. If you check these boxes, you could be a great fit for Investor Services at Mr. Cooper.



Loss Recovery

Loss Recovery plays a crucial role in Mr. Cooper’s Servicing operation, reviewing losses taken on loans and determining if we can recover these losses from a prior servicer or vendor. If not, we determine the root cause of the loss and if it is the result of a process break that we can be prevented in the future. We review any remaining balances once the claims process is exhausted for recovery opportunities, as well as any other potential losses to the organization that bypass the claims process, such as lien loss or costs associated with inaccurate transfer data. Since Loss Recovery reviews loans and processes from every area of servicing, we have teammates with a wide range of experience. The broader the knowledge base the better!