Focused on keeping the dream of homeownership alive, as part of our corporate team, you help maintain our inner infrastructure. And with a variety of departments across a broad spectrum, on this team you know your niche and have credentials where it counts.​​​​​

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Cooper Digital
You’re at the digital and mobile core of Mr. Cooper Group, creating experiences that consistently deliver value to our customers, as well as the business, transforming how customers find the right home, explore and secure home financing, manage their mortgages, and make better-informed decisions about homebuying and refinancing.
As a financial technology company, Mr. Cooper Group is leading the way in developing new and innovative technologies—and this team is how. At the forefront of Cyber Security, you protect our team members and our customers. You also support both groups with top notch technology, no matter the place or the device, ensuring customers can access their loans, and team members get to work.
More than just a pretty (type)face—all of Mr. Cooper Group’s marketing is homemade. As part of an in-house team made up of designers, writers, coders, strategists, and ad-agency veterans, you craft everything—from national marketing campaigns, websites and social posts, to internal events, signage and swag. If it has Mr. Cooper Group’s name on it, your award-winning marketing department was involved.
Accounting & Finance
As part of this group, you’re responsible for the money that flows in and out of the company. Working together, and along with internal customers, you help manage the organization’s overall financials.

With strong attention to detail, advanced problem-solving skills, and excellent customer service to internal constituencies, you thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic work environment where it all adds up.

Investor Services
The primary function of this group is reporting to investors. Like the work itself, you’re highly analytical and take great attention to detail. With this department you may report on loan attributes, transactional activities, or default related events, or perhaps perform reconciliations on investor bank accounts, validate data, or assist our business partners. You thrive in this environment doing in-depth research.
You support all parts of Mr. Cooper Group by providing legal advice to foster sound decision making in all areas of the company. You help deliver, manage and coordinate quality legal services, including legal counsel and representation, litigation and legal risk management, as well as many other facets, to all parts of the company. ​​​​​​​
Compliance & Risk
As part of this team, you’re responsible for ensuring that all laws, regulations, and guidelines are upheld to the state and federal standards. By partnering with various business and departments in the company, you ensure compliance with laws, regulations and requirements implemented by federal and state regulatory authorities as well as investors and agencies. 
People Organization
Naturally, just like this group, you’re all about the people. Your team touches and impacts all areas of our business and constantly works to improve how we train and grow our team members and their careers, expand the benefits we provide, and elevate the way we communicate both internally and externally.
Internal Audit
As an internal auditor, you focus on delivering unparalleled internal-audit guidance, developing long-term relationships with our internal clients, as well as approaching each engagement with a focus on bringing value. Your work is vital to achieving the company’s annual goals and you accomplish this while meeting stringent regulatory requirements.
Customer Relations
As part of the official complaints management and resolution group, you maintain oversight on all complaints and notices of error received within the company—no easy task. But as part of department, you remain committed to resolving complaints and going above and beyond to satisfy the customer’s needs. You also provide trend reporting and feedback to Mr. Cooper Group’s lines of business, supplying them with the means to reduce complaints and prevent issues from happening again.
Cooper Social Responsibility
This hybrid department has both external and internal facing functions. Through government relations, you work to educate congressional members and regulatory agencies about issues that impact the mortgage industry. Or, through our community outreach, you provide assistance and guidance to homeowners who may be experiencing difficulties paying their mortgages, or perhaps work with nonprofit-housing counseling agencies to ensure customers get the help that they need. Internally, you work in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, serving as a resource and providing stewardship for all Mr. Cooper Group employees on our journey to becoming the most inclusive and diverse company possible.

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“I want to continue to learn and cultivate my skills as a people leader and a project manager; that's the great thing about Mr. Cooper. They are committed to ensuring you achieve all your goals personally and professionally. We have so many resources to make sure that your goals are met. Also, the commitment from management is amazing!!”
Ashley Hanzel
Enterprise Risk Management
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