What's It Like Working Here?
​​​​​​​Glad You Asked.

Keeping the dream of homeownership alive is made possible by the daily efforts we make. We know our role and work together. We are proud. We challenge the status quo when needed. We celebrate good work and each other. Everything we do is in the care and service of our teammates and our customers.

You Make the Dream Possible By...

Knowing What's Expected
You know your role and how to succeed at it. ​​​​​​​
Taking Pride in Your Work
You know that your work, day in and day out, matters.
Caring About Your Customers
You improve the lives of Mr. Cooper Group customers and clients every single day
Having Fun
Pop up parties, team lunches, and good old fashioned happy hours — it’s all part of the job.
Keep in Touch
Join our talent network. We’ll reach out when we see a career that’s a good fit for you.